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Detox your body, naturally.

Do you have lingering, unresolved health conditions? Our custom detox programs get rid of the barriers to health and well-being. We use potent Chinese medicinal herbs to elimate toxins, chemicals and parasites, repair organs and activate damaged cells. 

“I searched 15 years to get the correct answer and handling for my body.  Found it!  Relief!” – V. L.

Pre-made and ready to drink!

natural herbal detox

A comprehensive detox tailored to your specific health needs using ancient healing knowledge combined with advanced scientific research and processes.

No preparation.

No warming.

No cooking.

Shipped in convenient daily packets. Just open and pour.

Chinese medicinal herbs for detox

Free Consultation

Find out more about our detox program and how it can help improve your health.


100% Natural

Made from wildcrafted non-GMO herbs. No herbicides or pesticides. Each batch is sundried and hand processed for maximum potency and absorption.

Detox Benefits

Get rid of harmful toxins, chemicals, bacteria, poisions, parasites, fungus, candida and inflammation.

Rebuild damaged organs like kidneys, thyroid, gallbladder, lungs, heart, pancreas, prostate, stomach, spleen and more.

Restore full cellular active and process throughout the body, recalibrate your DNA signalling.

Reduce stress and lose weight.

Get rid of brain fog, regain your mental clarity.

Detox Basics

toxins from pollution

How Toxins and Germs Affect the Body

Toxins and germs can damage cells in the body and are the primary cause of illnesses and diseases. When too ...
Chronic inflammation

Getting Rid of Chronic Inflammation

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. They create the body’s structure, absorb and convert nutrients from ...
lymph system blockages

What Causes a Blocked Lymph System

The lymphatic system removes damaged cells and toxins from the body. It is a type of circulatory system that works ...
How to fix a weak immune system.

How to Fix a Weak Immune System

The immune system plays a key role in preventing illnesses and diseases. How to fix a weak immune system starts ...
Detox testing and analysis

Detox Testing and Analysis

Testing and analysis are important in identifying health conditions, developing a treatment plan and monitoring its effectiveness. Typical Western medicine ...
what is Chinese medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine removes the blockages causing illnesses and diseases and restores the body’s balance and ability to heal itself ...
How to repair damaged cells

How Your Cells Get Damaged

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. These cells create the body’s structure and perform many different complex ...
Chinese medicinal herbs, how they work

How Chinese Medicinal Herbs Work

How Chinese medicinal herbs work depends on the herbs, processing method and how it is used to heal the body ...

Eliminate the barriers to a healthy body. Increase your energy, stamina and vitality.

“Amazing results. Much more than expected. I’ve never felt better! Highly recommend!!!” D.R.

“This man knows what he is doing. He helped my friend’s son so much. It’s incredible.” S.C.


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Dr. Charles Kwang - Natural Health DetoxMeet Dr. Kwang, Developer, Natural Health Detox

Dr. Kwang is a certified nutritionist, master herbalist and detox expert specializing in effective natural solutions for chronic inflammation, pain and unresolving illnesses. His custom programs restore the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Kwang graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a B.S. degree in Physiology and Neuroscience.  He attended graduate school at the University of Southern California (USC) from 1998 – 1998, where he participated in several cancer research projects. In 2001 he graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences…

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