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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Charles Kwang - Natural Health Detox
By Dr. Charles Kwang

Dr. Kwang is a certified nutritionist, master herbalist and detox expert specializing in effective, natural solutions for inflammation, pain and unresolving illnesses. 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has existed for many centuries. One of its main goals is to remove the blockages causing illnesses and diseases and restore the body’s balance and ability to heal itself.


TCM vs. Western medicine

Chinese medicinal herbs, which number in the thousands, are frequently used in TCM to treat unwanted health conditions. Each herb has unique qualities and characteristics. The herbs are often combined using special formulas for maximum effect.

By comparison, Western medicine has its roots in Greece. Today’s modern Western medicine surfaced in the 18th Century after the Industrial Revolution. Western medicine focuses on treating symptoms. If you feel pain, you are given pills or injections to stop the pain.  If you have a bacterial infection, you are prescribed antibiotics to kill the bacteria.  If you have high blood pressure, you take pills to lower your high blood pressure.


Testing and diagnosis

TCM practitioners test and diagnose medical conditions differently than Western medicine doctors.

Western medicine doctors use blood tests, urine tests and imaging. Blood tests show what is wrong with the blood, focusing on pH, oxygen, blood sugar and other nutrients. An organ has to be significantly damaged before it will show up in the blood.  Even with large kidney stones, your blood test will show normal ranges.  Once your kidneys start to deteriorate, extra kidney proteins will enter the bloodstream.  You can’t tell how much damage is done to the kidneys based on the protein levels.  You are put on dialysis when these proteins reach a certain level.

Urine tests only show what the kidneys eliminate. The problem is that kidneys only purge 20% of all toxins. This is why urine tests are known for causing many false negatives. They are limited in what they can detect.

Imaging looks for densities like bone (CT and X-ray) or water (MRI). The scans don’t see everything. There can be vital information that can’t be seen until a surgeon cuts into you. Or critical data is missed because the tests are poorly conducted. Imaging tests can also be overused and expose you to harmful agents like radiation. Other issues include not reporting the test results fast enough or reporting inaccurate information.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners evaluate health conditions using:

  • Observation – observing the person’s physical appearance; examining the tongue.
  • Smell – detecting body smells.
  • Hearing – listening to the person’s voice, breathing and any sounds coming from the body.
  • Touch – Touching pulse points, evaluating pulse quality and rate.

When Chinese medicine practitioners examine the tongue, they look at its size, shape, color, and texture, showing how well the body’s organs function and various health situations.

Note:  Our detox program uses an advanced testing and analysis protocol developed by Dr. Kwang that combines Western medicine science with Chinese herbology. 


When treating illnesses and diseases, TCM practitioners use natural remedies to address the underlying cause of the health condition. Western medicine treats health problems using medication or surgery.


Western medicine – pills and surgery

Western medicine pills have been extracted from plants, but in most cases, only one compound is isolated from the plant. When you isolate only one compound, you lose the synergy that occurs with other chemicals found in the plant. The synergy is why Chinese medicine is so effective. It activates thousands of receptors of the immune system at once.

Modern medical treatments also include the use of chemicals and metals. Did you know that chemotherapy was originally mustard gas?

That’s bad enough.  Now, it’s made from platinum, a toxic heavy metal. Side effects from platinum toxicity include allergic reactions, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, high blood pressure, digestive problems, kidney disease…and cancer.



Have you ever been treated with antibiotics? Antibiotics kill bacteria. However, they can have serious side effects and damage healthy cells. For example, some antibiotics can cause kidney failure. They have also been overused. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Total inappropriate antibiotic use…may approach 50% of all outpatient antibiotic use.” – CDC: Antibiotic Prescribing and Use.

Antibiotic overprescription has also led to antibiotic-resistant bacteria superbugs.

What did we do before we had pills and antibiotics?  We had herbs. We had silver.  Today, it’s more commonly called colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver is made by dissolving pure silver into water.  It’s antibacterial and antiviral.  It’s safe at any dose.  It doesn’t cause kidney damage like antibiotics.  Colloidal silver is water, so it goes into the bloodstream. The dissolved silver kills bacteria.

When used properly, silver can have “numerous benefits to the human body” – 2017 Journal of Applied Microbiology.

Is your Western doctor ever going to prescribe Colloidal silver?  Probably not. It’s not something they teach in medical schools.


Tradition Chinese medicine – medicinal herbs

Chinese medicine has been around for over 20 centuries. It has an extensive, documented history of use combined with case studies. The case studies recorded the various aspects of each person’s illnesses, what was done to treat the illness and how the treatment worked.

A key concept in Chinese medicine is that each person’s health condition is unique due to variables in physiology (how the body functions) and other factors.

For example, you often hear that the food you eat is the cause of your health problems.  You ate something bad.  Now, bad food causes inflammation.  If that were the case, if you stopped eating bad food and started eating good food, you would reverse the problem in a week.  Eating healthy for years and still feeling sick means food is not the cause of your health problem.  You can eat healthy food every day and not get your health back.  You can take handfuls of supplements every day and not get your health back.  You can also find out what is causing your health problem and address the source of the problem. That’s how Chinese medicine works. It is not a one-pill treatment protocol.

Another example is diabetes, which is still a rampant health problem in the United States. This means Western medical doctors are not treating the real cause of diabetes.  In the beginning, you are given a pill to lower blood sugar.  If one pill doesn’t work, you have to take two.  Once the pills don’t work, you take insulin.  Once the insulin doesn’t work, you end up in the hospital.

Chinese medicine treats diabetes by addressing what is causing the problem, which is usually liver inflammation.  During the early stages of diabetes, you can control blood sugar by eating healthy and exercising.  Once inflammation has caused liver damage, eating healthy and exercising isn’t enough.

Chinese medicine will eliminate the inflammation. If the inflammation is addressed, but the blood sugar is high and stays high, there’s liver damage.  If the blood sugar starts to drop, there is no liver damage.  Getting rid of the inflammation will help the liver recover.

Chinese medicine is safe and effective. It may not work faster than a pill, but it will handle the underlying cause of a health problem, not just manage it.

  • Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different approaches to health and healing.
  • Western medicine treats symptoms using drugs.
  • Chinse medicine focuses on the condition’s underlying cause and uses natural remedies like medicinal herbs to restore the body’s health and balance.

Do you need help getting rid of an unwanted health condition?  Our custom detox and repair programs use specially formulated Chinese medicinal herbs to restore cellular activity and help the body heal itself. Contact us today at (213) 999 – 5577 to find out more about the program or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kwang.

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